Ten Funniest Songs That Made Us Laugh A Lot

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Listening to the funniest songs is one of the favorite hobbies for many of us. Accordingly, we at Daily Punch have decided to give you a treat this weekend: Enjoy our list of these hilarious Desi songs that we all have laughed out loud on for years!


1. Bhatkay Panchi

Yes, this song is epic! The addition of funny visuals makes it to the top of the list.  This will surely get you rolling on the floor with laughter every time you watch it.







2. Loveria

Well, malaria is overrated. King Khan gets diagnosed with LOVERIA and this disease has no cure.










3. Phatela Jaib Sil Jaega

Apart from making me laugh my head off, this song also has a lesson. It has taught me that not to worry, and to eat, sleep and enjoy while we are alive.




4. Chief Saab

If you do not want to work anymore, sing this song in front of your boss. The next thing you know, you will be packing your things and going home for good. Perfect song for the day you resign!


5. Excuse Me

Want to have a chance with a girl? Make use of this song, it might brighten up your qismatOr else get you bro-zoned for life!




6. Subah Hogae Mamoon

It is funny as long as it happening to somebody else. Don’t EVER try to wake up your own Mamoo with this song!






7. Spiderman

This beautiful Isspiderman song will blow your senses away! Specially the intelligently-crafted poetry and the spectacular dance steps.




8. Aslam Bhai

This song will get you places if you aim it at the right ASLAM BHAI. The lyrics are so flattering. You will definitely make it to his good books.



9. Chandni Chowk To China

Although the movie is a bit serious, this title song gives you a good reasons to LOL!



10. Dil Kerta Hai Tery Pas Aaon

A perfect movie that makes you laugh all along. But this song is the funniest part of this movie. Always reminds me of the TEJA MEN HUN moment.


These Funniest Songs are sometimes senseless and comical to a new high (or more appropriately, low).  Hearing and watching them leaves us confused about whether to laugh or to cry. But we still always end up laughing!

Have any other songs to add to this list? Comment below to share your favorite ones!

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