5 biggest announcements Google made at its I/O 2018 conference

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Google just introduced its 2018 I/O keynote and event was jam-packed with news on Tuesday. CEO Sundar Pichai kicked things off by recognizing that the tech industry must always be responsible about the tools and services it creates. From there, the big announcements started and just kept coming; We’ve got a new ambitious Android update on the way. John Legend is lending his voice to Google Assistant. Gmail can almost write emails entirely by itself. AI was a big theme throughout.

While there were a ton of announcements, these were the 10 biggest highlights from the Google I/O keynote.

Smart Compose in Gmail

Gmail can now autocomplete entire emails (!) with a new feature called Smart Compose — just keep hitting the tab button and Google will autocomplete your message. You can switch it on right now as part of the new Gmail experience Google is rolling out.

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A new “For You” tab in Google Maps shows you new businesses in your area as well as restaurants that are trending around you. Google also added a new “Your Match” score to display the likelihood of you liking a new restaurant based on your historical ratings.

Have trouble choosing a restaurant when you go out in a group? A long-press on any restaurant will add it to a new short list and you can then share that list with friends. They can add other options and the group can then choose a restaurant from the group list.

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The company’s developers have been playing with ideas to help orient people better when they are using Google Maps to navigate to their destination.

The AR functionality, which Google showcased at its I/O developers conference on Tuesday uses the camera on your smartphone to tell you which direction to walk.

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Google Photos AI features

Google Photos is more powerful now. You can instantly turn photos of documents into PDFs. You can also remove color from your photos even just in certain areas  or re-colorize your old black and white photos of your relatives.

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Google Assistant voices

Google Assistant has made a major breakthrough, according to CEO Sundar Pichai. Soon, it will sound much more natural in fact, Google Assistant will support 30 different languages by the end of 2018.

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