The lost Eid cards trend

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In the loving memories of  our childhood with Eid cards 

Muslims around the globe celebrates Eid-ul-Fitr at the end of Ramadan. It’s a joyful event, relatives friends doing get-togethers, hugging and wishing Eid.

But there was the time when people used to wish Eid with Eid cards. Writing poetry on them, like in my childhood I and my friends used to go rushing towards the shops with the best eid cards collections, and then select the one with favorite stuff like; if my friend like tweety bird so I will try my best to find a card with a tweety on it. The most expensive card in those time was between 5-15 rupee. Other were cheap as 1 rupee with the faces of famous celebrities on them.


Source: Google


Source: Google

After selecting the best cards, we then used to write some poetry on those. The famous ones that I remember and used to write a lot, were:


“Dabby main Dabba
dabby main cake 
meri saheli lakhon main aik” 
“Eid ayi atak atak kay
Warda chalti hai matak matak kay”
Garam garam roti tori nai jaati
Neelum se dosti chori nahi jaati” 


and also with a token of love, a gift along; bangles or fancy hair clips. I still have some of the cards safely resting in my drawer in the loving memory of our amazing childhood. Each time when I look at them, I realize that we had the best childhood, we had the best time and that’s a really satisfying feeling, to be honest, because these today’s kids don’t even know how to find joy in simple and little things, all they care about is their computers, Ipads, and phones.

No matter where the technology reaches, wishing eid through an eid card and through a text message or call will never be comparable to that.

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