The new Meme trend is taking the internet by storm!

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Here come the new Meme Trend guys!

Social media is magic and a huge platform for entertainment, and if you’re a meme lover??

Phir tou jee souny pe suhaga!!

Because every other day their’s some crazy meme trend that happens. Like these days one of the most famous memes was of this lady saying


Hello friends, Chai pee lou!

Her meme literally went viral just in some days.

And now people on Twitter are going insane, bombarding Twitter with these new type of memes. We’ll be posting the meme first then the caption so you can guess the meme first then read the caption to see if you’re right or wrong. okay?

Test your guess power and let’s begin,

Mujhy Andy wala burger!

Thori c daya kar dou!

Main bunny Teri Radha!

Main tennu samjhawan key!


Mera dill Tarap Raha hy

Mera Jal Raha Hy seena!


Na Na kartay pyaar oye main kar gaya kar gaya!


Maza awaami khaa Badami!

Neely Neely Amber par chaand jab Aaye!



Aunty police bula legi!


Bheem ki shakti Dhoom machaye!

Main hun Qaadri sunni tan tan tana tann!!

Ve Tu long ve main laachi

tere pichy’aa gawachi!

Esa Dekha nae KHOOBSURAT koi!

A lovely message, Shia Sunni Bhai Bhai!


Hello, friends Chai pee lou!


Khuwaja mere Khuwaja Dill Main Samaa jaa!


Hum Tum Ek kamre main band hn!

 Cinderella! mera intezaar karna!

Pak sir Zameen shaad baad!

Well, this is a bit rude to Lahore. So I won’t say it aloud!

Remember the show

Hum Sab Umeed say hain?

Who can’t guess this one?? of course, all of us?

Jaadu Teri Nazar!

Trimmer lao Trimmer !!

The girl who made this claims that its DESPACITO!


True that! we get it.

Susraal Gaindaa phool!! 

Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam!  

Kholi nai houta tjhse Chase!

Channa mere aa mere aa channa mere aa mere aa!!

Acha chalta hn duaoun main yaad rakhna!

I know this one was tough.

Sammi meri waar!


Tum tou tehry pardesi saath kya nibhaogy?

This was the toughest one for me.

Most of the memes are songs and politics.

Let us know how many of these you get right and share with us in the comments below!


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