While every one is advised to take the vaccine shot and officials are working to get every American get vaccinates, scientists are also working on next form of vaccine for the upcoming generation.

The scientists are trying to combine and create a vaccine that could act against both the seasonal flu as well as help fight the COVID. The upcoming vaccine can be either in the form a patch or a pill.

Furthermore, the scientists vaccine that could potentially fight viruses apart from SARS CoV 2 and potentially help to overcome the upcoming pandemics.

Scientists are also evaluating if those people who are fully vaccinated require any booster dose in the upcoming years. Extra shots may be nearly equivalent to the first doses, provided as a precaution against diminishing immunity or modified to protect against mutant strains that have been causing concern.

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Upcoming Booster doses:

The major companies like Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna who are putting all their efforts vaccinate the whole U.S. are doing further researches regarding the booster doses.

They said that the booster doses will be similar to that of the current vaccine but will be given in a smaller dose. They are also working on the time period in which the doses have to be administered.

The officials also added that they are planning to combine the seasonal flu vaccines along with the booster doses and they will begin the trials by this year.

Modification according to New Strains:

Since the vaccines earlier were produced against the original strain of SARS CoV 2, scientists are trying to create a booster dose that will work on the mutating viruses as well.

Also seasonal flu viruses mutate often, it is not surprising that the SARS CoV 2 also mutate. As the mutation takes place, the viruses cause more severe diseases. So a vaccine that could combat the upcoming virulent strains of the virus is required.

Patches or Pills to Avoid Needles:

Scientists are trying to create a revolutionary form of vaccine that could skip the process of needle pricks moreover storage, transportation and administration will become easier.

The next vaccines could come in the form of inhalers, patches or Pills that could potentially make a change in way of vaccine administration.

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