The recent video of Junaid Akram is telling the untold story of Hazara people

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Junaid Akram posted the video telling the untold story of Hazara community, the Rohingyas of Pakistan.

We talk about the every barbaric crime going around the world, but yet failed to see the killings of our very own Pakistani citizens beneath our eyes. This truth might be hard to swallow for you but you cannot put a blind eye. Hazara community has been facing these crimes from past decade, hundreds of young souls have departed and number of families have migrated from Quetta.

Quetta literary festival

Junaid Akram in his recent video, while he was in Quetta to attend Quetta Literary Festival, shared his experience with Hazara community in Mariabad, Quetta. Mariabad is an inner eastern suburb of Quetta, capital of Pakistan’s Balochistan province. The majority of the population in this town are Hazara people.

He presented his point and what he experienced while being there. People of Hazara are living with a good example of communal living and approximately 95% is the literacy rate.

Hazara grave

If you use the term “town of graveyard” for Mariabad, it won’t be wrong as well. Junaid Akram showed the scenes of the graveyard and it is heartbreaking, every possible angle was showing the resting place of innocent souls.

Here is the video, Visiting Mariabad Quetta by Junaid Akram.


The social media appreciated his this act, where the mainstream media rarely talks about the actual issue of community.

Junaid Akram

He always highlight social and communal issues in his videos.

Junaid Akram

A huge respect to Junaid for putting light on such issues. Want to share your opinion on this? Let us know in comments below.

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