The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Today’s World

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The era in which we are living is the era of technology. Technology has developed more than the human expectations. Since last few decades technology has taken over the human jobs and now companies can use machines for not only the routine tasks that can be done by robots. Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role in the world of emerging technology. However, due to the Artificial Intelligence  companies can use machines to think and act like humans in different situations.

Artificial Intelligence is technique that involves usage of advanced machines there is a reason why known as Artificial Intelligence. By using this technology, human can identify a machine that what decision it may take in different situations.

It helps in analyzing the situation according to the environment and proceeds accordingly. It includes tasks such as decision-making, visual sensitivity, speech detection, and translation of languages.

Artificial Intelligence
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The machines that can use artificial intelligence are known as Intelligence Agents. Artificial Intelligence is the technique which uses advanced machines that work in the replacement of human beings. Machines are involved in working efficiently to achieve the task like planning, problem solving, learning, knowledge representation and creativity .


The role of Artificial Intelligence is helping firms to grow by using the modern technique to accomplish the task. Many of the Australian firms have already invested in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can involve the usage of robots to replace human being completely by doing every task that is done by humans, it involved the usage of advanced computers and machines that can work efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence Future

The fact that Artificial Intelligence is beneficial or not must be considered by using ethical,physiological, and social perspectives on the society.

Isaac Asimov presented that robots are efficient and can perform the complex task. The idea was represented in his book which discusses Artificially Intelligent robots.His robots were friendly, can take care of everything, perform complex and skilled task .He developed three laws of robotics including that robots must not harm human being and vise versa, robots must obey the order given by human beings and robot must protect his existence.

However, there are many uncertain  situations that can effect the overall process but the overall impact of Artificial Intelligence is helping the world to grow and prosper in today’s  modern era.





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Asna Anwar