The untold worldcup sex stories of Football players

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There is a huge historic debate going on from ages whether engaging in a sex before game is good or devastating.

A recent article authored by Dean Jones BR football analyst discussed all the dark and untold worldcup sex stories.

Mexico’s 1-0 victory over defending champions Germany can be considered as biggest upset of the tournament so far. Their victory has replaced all the scandalous news surfing all over internet, so this also leads to a new debate.

Earlier this month just weeks before world cup, Mexico’s 8 team members were pictured with escorts in a private party. And this left whole Mexican nation in a terror, because there players did something which supposed to be not done before world cup. A top scandal. This issue even muted the star Mexican players midfielder Hector Herrera, striker Raul Jimenez and Giovani dos Santos.

“People took it very badly and criticized the players,” journalist Alonso Cabral of Televisa Deportes told Bleacher Report. “It did not matter that it was their day off; they did something that was not right, especially two weeks before the World Cup.”

As soon as Mexico kicked off in Moscow and took victory over Germany all negative news went aside and pride was back. The crisis looming over Mexico team turned into mega overturn of the tournament.

Now this brings up a question, Is engaging in a sex before match boost your moral? If yes than how much sex before game?

Dean Jones in further discussion with Sexologist “There are people on both sides of the argument on whether or not sexual activity will impact your athletic performance,” sexologist Megan Stubbs explained further to B/R. “There are superstitions like you have to abstain the night before or don’t shave your beard or always wear your lucky socks. I’d say that it’s perfectly fine to have sex before a game. Belief in the idea that sex before a game will drain your essence isn’t rooted in any hard facts.

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“Sex has been shown to have many health benefits such as boosting mood, increased level of pain tolerance and confidence, so when applied to a soccer player, I can only imagine that it would be a bonus to have added to their athletic prowess. As long as it isn’t a marathon sex session and nothing wild with an increased risk of injury, I think sex before a game is great.” sexologist Megan Stubbs

This is just the small chunk of football worldcup sex stories and scandals, there is a lot in the deep that we don’t know.

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