Theresa May Dances At Conference On Anna’s Dancing Queen

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has caught everyone attention with her jigs and amiable gesture. PM May has been seen grooving as she arrived on the stage at the Conservative Party conference.

She seems to be very well familiar with juvenile dancing abilities, however, she made herself an adorable head of state and gave everyone a light moment to cheer up at the conference. She entered the stage with subtle moves on the tunes of ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

Well, this dance move was the referring to her viral dance move during her trip to Africa which became a meme-fest, on her visit to Kenya she tried her level best to take participate in the local dance move that turned out to be very embarrassing for her. She recalled her Africa tour dance debacle and even made a joke in her speech at the conference.

While people just could not get enough of her dancing moves and the video took twitter by storm and many appreciated and lauded at the Prime Minister for her ability and courage to laugh at her own silliness along with some mocking and criticism as well.

Check out the best responses by twitterati;

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