These are groups of deaths to watch in FIFA World Cup 2018

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FIFA Worldcup 2018 is now hours away and the fever is getting higher among fans.

Like always the FIFA Worldcup is known for some groups of death, which produces some high intensity matches. There isn’t any particular group which can be actually labelled as group of death in this FIFA Worldcup 2018, but there are few with some competitive underdog teams.

This year fighting and eye watching matches in group stages can be expected from Group H. It contains all the top fighting teams, including star team Poland, Colombia, Senegal and Japan. All the teams have an equal possibility of making it to the knockout round.

fifa worldcup 2018

Another deadly fixtures  can come from Group D, this group contains the hot favorite for the Worldcup Argentina side. Iceland with their surprised performance back in Euro 2016 can produce number of setbacks. Other 2 team in this group includes Croatia with their strong midfield and strong African team Nigeria.

This celebration by Iceland squad in Euro 2016 was most talked one.

FIFA worldcup 2018

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Group D features a defending champions Germany against Mexico, Sweden and South Korea. This group also going to produce some fighting fixtures and it has been a trend for last 2 world cups that defending champions are eliminated in group stages.

FIFA worldcup 2018

The kick off isn’t far away any more now and it is going to be the hell fun. Let us know about your favorite team in the worldcup.


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