These posts from Pakistani feminists are making huge uproar on social media

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The debate for gender equality has been years old, and a recent powerful wave of feminism in Pakistan have created a huge chaos on social media. A group of triggered women have taken over the streets of Pakistan with bold and aggressive sign boards. These messages against patriarchy are humorous and funny, and creating a big social media buzz. Some of them are,

“Cycle Chalao patriarchy dhabaoo”

This is just the start, you haven’t seen more waitt..!

To all the taaros, beware !!

A group of women even held Aurat March at the Frere hall, Karachi with huge chants of Azaadi for women. The protest had huge number of ladies there and they spoke about their every single issue they come cross in daily life.

The most viral one..

What do you think about this type of outrage by young ladies in Pakistan?

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Paras Waswani