These Indian films were filmed at the real homes of Bollywood stars

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Indian films are well known all over the world, and stories related to these superstars always make headlines.

Bollywood celebrities try their best to keep the personal life separate from their profession, but unfortunately it is something impossible.

The moment media starts talking about their routine lives, they freak out. But their professional demand at times that they not only let one or two but the entire crew and cast into their house.

There are number of films where the Bollywood celebrities have allowed the filmmakers to access their personal space. Yes, I m addressing towards the movie scenes that were shot in their own homes. Some might have noticed it, but majority do not have any idea about it.

Lets have a look…

Sanju (Sanjay Dutt’s biopic)

Indian films

An upcoming Indian Biopic based on the life of cinemas ill-fated Sanjay Dutt, starring Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir has given his best to look and act like Sanjay Dutt. Some scenes of the movie were filmed at apartment of Sanjay Dutt, but due to the disturbance to the other residents the crew changed the venue.


Fan movie

The movie was a blockbuster, displaying the life of a psychopath Fan. A number films scenes were shot at the Shahrukh Khan’s resident Mannat, you can see the scene where Gaurav is stopped while entering in superstar’s house.

Ki & Ka

Indian films

The movie has a great plot about house-husbands and inspired by all the house working men. A scene in which Arjun Kapoor goes for the lunch at the Bachan family house, was filmed at the actual residence of Bachans.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Indian films

The emotional and the award winning movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie’s scenes were shot the farm house of Salman Khan, Arpita Farms in Panvel.

Do you know any other movie, which was filmed at any superstars home? Let us know in comments.

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