These Pakistani Funny News Will Leave You With Wriggling Tummy

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Some news can be truly amusing but itni??

When we hear the word “news” all our mind direct towards is misery, sorrow, or disaster. And it’s not our fault because that’s what we mostly get as news. Whether on Tv or newspaper, that’s what we see all over, every day. But today we have collected some ridiculously hilarious funny news for you guys and these are the kind of new that will end you up in tears of laughter.

Let’s have a look!

Okay, this one is the best one. Hello, Doctors out there, apparently we don’t need you guys anymore. Why? because now people can simply just hold their Mehboob’s hand and get rid of all the pains.

Drs don’t get disheartened because there are some single people left on this planet, so chill.

This is one is pretty interesting. But a little confusing, whether this ” Pir Tha thaa sahib” is a magician, a comedian or some Tharki guy? And wait… what’s that last line.. is it suppose to be coke?

This one is true and I’m actually singing it !!!

M.A at the age of eighteen years? are you serious?

Wow very informative news for Pakistan. We are so concerned about the pamper and tissue papers of American army.

What a great act of kindness, such generosity is rare to find guys. *tears*

Pakistan ki Ghurbat ne spiderman ko b chori karni pr majboor krdia. 

Astaghfaar, Mualana  is right. It’s gunah-e-Kabeera.

Some real Dill Bardashta moment!

Okay, so you guys need an Assistant with the qualities of a Maasi? or a Maasi with the qualities of an assistant?

When you are high on Pakistan politics

What a Thug she was, Oh my god!! guys beware.

Cricket ki Duniya Main Sirf Aik He Naam!!

What kind of Juvva is Baaji tryna playing?


Pretty shocked to see these news being published in real newspapers. But anyway, share with us your thoughts on the this in the comments section.

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