These people are raising funds to build Kalabagh Dam by themselves

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The increasing water issue in the country has led to a chaos. Lack of seriousness of government towards water crises might result in a huge disaster. Pakistan is third among-st country facing water shortage.

The actual story of Kalabagh Dam.

Yes, Kalabagh is the most controversial project in the history of Pakistan. Although that doesn’t mean our governments should stop working on Dams. This issue is only highlighted just before elections by politicians to gain votes and divide mandate.

There are number of localities in northern side of the country where number of Dams can be built and it can eradicate water scarcity from country. Every time coming up with controversial project won’t solve the issue water crisis but coming up with alternative definately solve,

Kalabagh Dam should be national topic rather than political one. Government must form a commission and project must be re analyzed on concerns of the thousands of Pakistanis.Β These people are raising funds to build Kalabagh Dam by themselves

A hashtag started on twitter #Icandonate1000forkalabagh and this seriousness of Pakistanis towards water crises, Shame on government

And this resulted in thousands of tweets.

This shows how we are united on our national issues.

I hope our people will also vote in upcoming polls with such seriousness and no one would be stopping us from change. The only thing we need to understand is our power of unification as a nation.

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