These songs will give you nostalgia if you’re a 90’s kid!

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90’s kids in their teenage have heard these songs, if not all, then at least one of them we bet. These were some of the most popular hits of our time and we used to share them through Bluetooth. Or started dancing when they come on the radio. Our Mp3’s and our lovely Tape recorders were used to be the most important gadget in our life. I still know the lyrics and can sing along with them like crazy!

These were literally my favorites.

Akon :’)

This guy was with us from SMACK THAT to NA NA NA NAA to Mr. Lonely.

These songs are giving us major nostalgia!


I used to listen to this song back in 2009 when I was in school and used to think how lonely I was 😀


Lil Wayne!

Who would forget him? and this song?

And the Tik Tok by Kesha.

I used to watch this video as a badass.

One love: Blue

Ayeeee, It was like an addiction to me.

Sean Paul and his song temperature :’)

Probably the most heard song in my life!!!

We all used to feel a little gangster while listening to this 😀

Linkin Park was like our favorite band!

This one is still my favorite and sometimes on repeat. This song has so much more meaning to us than our memories!

I still have their DVD.

Bachpann main tou lyrics sar say guzar jaaty thy. 


Our legend !!

Enrique and his songs :’)

Matlab kay shadeed nostalgia yaar!!

This song is still so beautiful :’))

The nostalgia that I get after these is unexplainable. And I feel old.


I know I know, Good old times.

This is the collection of English songs, Pakistani and Bollywood songs are uncountable.

Share with us some of your old tracks. That gives you nostalgia.

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