Momin Saqib with his new video at Lords is breaking Internet

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“Dil ro raha hai mera” guy, Momin Saqib is back again with his desi jokes.

This is not the first time this guy has taken over internet, Momin Saqib is Pakistani born living in London with an immense amount of talent. Last year, his video went viral at the final of champions trophy when Pakistan won against India.

Last his video made rounds on social media..

And this one ” Dil ro raha hai mera, yeh mera Pakistan hai”

He always, with his desi Punjabi lines grabs social media attention and after which he enjoyed a lot of public recognition. And this time again at Lords stadium he made comeback and people are loving it.

Momin saqib has given some best shots when it comes to Pakistan cricket in England. His passion for the Pakistan cricket is exceptional and his videos are the proof of that, last year he was there when Pakistan won historically against India and now Test at Lords.

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Paras Waswani