31 Things To Do If You Are Feeling Sad

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Life’s not a bed of roses. There are good days and bad days. And sometimes, there are really, really bad days. If you are having one of those, then this is exactly what you should be reading. First of all, calm down! Read this list and try one of more of these things. They are sure to make you feel better or stop you from feeling worse! 

1- Have your favorite drink

It could be Lassi, sherbet and fresh juices if it is hot. Chai or coffee if it is cold. Or whatever you feel like. You could have green tea because that soothes your nerves.

Additionally, it is a great idea to increase your water intake. Studies have proven that increasing your water intake can help cure depression as dehydration is also one of the causes of it.

2- Food does wonders

Have some chocolate. It has a chemical called tryptophan which causes the release of a mood-lifting neurotransmitter, serotonin into the brain. Moreover, being sad is a great excuse to binge-eat your favorite food, so dig into anything that you like!

However, you should know this: Recent studies have shown that contrary to popular belief, having healthy food such as fruits or vegetables leads to more life satisfaction and thus, better emotional health. So consuming healthy food when you are sad can actually make you feel better sooner than non-healthy food. Also, comfort food like warm chicken soup, a fresh salad, pancakes, etc can lift your mood immediately.

3- Have some ‘Me Time’

Take time off from your routine and responsibilities. Do something that is for your pleasure only. This could include different activities for each of us so choose whatever suits you best.

4- Sleep it off

There’s nothing like sleeping to get over a bad mood. A good sleep can help you overcome irritability and stress. Sleeping in a dark room can relax you more. Use a clean bedsheet and pillowcases, spray some fragrance onto your bed and cover yourself up in your favorite blanket for additional comfort. You could also put on some sleep music or listen to the sound of the ocean waves or the rain because that has been proven by research to have a very calming effect and to aid good sleep. Try out these websites/apps:

http://rainymood.com/                                                 http://rainfor.me/

5- Try water therapy

Take a long, hot shower. Soak yourself in a warm Jacuzzi. Go for swimming in a pool or out into the sea. These are tried and tested methods for relaxing your body.

6- Let music heal you

Music has magical healing powers. Put on your most favorite songs. Sing along and maybe dance to it, too. Watch the videos of your beloved songs or concerts of your favorite artists.  

7- Watch things that you like

It could be your fav show, movie, videos, vlogs, anything. You could enjoy a light, entertaining rom-com, funny videos or a hilarious movie. Or maybe, a sad movie or show. A sad movie can actually make you feel better by helping you release stuck emotions. You could then shed the tears and let it all out. And feel better, of course!

8- Play games

Spend some time playing your favorite video games on your PC, PS or Xbox. Or try the age-old and evergreen ludo or other board games with your siblings or friends. You could also play your favorite childhood games with some kids, such as Baraf Pani or the street cricket. The adrenaline rush and the laughter will inject some positive energy into your bad day!

9- Let nostalgia help

Take out your childhood photo albums and look at those adorable pictures once again. Cherish those carefree, fun times. Alternatively, you could sit down with somebody you grew up with or with somebody who saw you grow up. Talking with them about funny childhood incidents will surely refresh you. Additionally, you could enjoy for the millionth time any home videos that your parents were kind enough to record and save.

And here’s a bonus idea: If you have access to a relative’s Shadi videography from some years ago, give it a view! The outdated fashion styles, hilarious hairstyles, awkward poses, ugly candid shots and shots of people gobbling down Shadi ka khana are sure to give you laughing fits!

10- Retail therapy?

This is perhaps one of the best ways to drive away the blues. Go to the nearest mall or market and enjoy some shopping. Don’t forget to have some of your favorite snacks in the process, such as Gannay ka juice, gol gappay, anday wala burger or cheesy fries! 😀

11- Spa-date

Get a close friend to accompany you or go solo. Get a massage, a manicure or maybe a facial. Self care, specially when feeling low, can make you feel loved, confident and genuinely happy.

12- Exercise

This is known to reduce stress. Exercise releases endorphins in your body, which are feel-good hormones. You could exercise in the gym or try running or walking outdoors. Alternately, you could go for yoga or tai chi if you want lighter options.

13- Meditate

This calms down your nervous system. You could breathe slowly and deeply for 10 to 15 minutes while focusing only on your breathing. Guaranteed to tranquilize you!

14- Pray

There’s nothing more magical than this. Thinking about your Creator and connecting to Him provides you with all the strength that you need. It also rids you of your worries.

15- Read

Go for a book, specially a motivational or spiritual one. Look at magazines. Read inspirational quotes to boost your motivation levels. Also, read the stories of your heroes/role models. Many great personalities have gone through the darkest times in their lives. Reading about how they defeated their problems can give you the support that you need.

16- Go gadget free

For once, just put all your gadgets away. Especially when you are trying to sleep. Gadgets are a continuous distraction and can cause you to be mentally exhausted. Radiation from these devices is also responsible for negative impacts on your heath.

17- Write

In a journal, diary or notebook. Pen down your thoughts, ideas and feelings. This is a great way to get things off your chest, without having to trust another person with your secrets.

18- Art can help too

Put your creativity to some use. Creating something gives you a sense of achievement and happiness. You could try your favorite art medium, be it painting, sketching etc. Or try making crafts. Pinterest is a great website to get ideas and inspiration from.

19- Aroma therapy

Inhaling your favorite scent can unwind you right away. Make sure that you and your room smell nice. Using scented candles is a fun way to make your room fragrant. Also, certain smells such as of orange or lavender can improve your mood and reduce anxiety.

20- Animal time

Spend time with your pet or any animal if you don’t have one. Take care of a stray cat or dog or birds in your neighborhood. Help an injured or sick animal. Feeding and petting animals feel great.

21- Cleanliness goes a long way

Clean your room, do the laundry and organize your things. Such activities not only result in more comfortable surroundings but also make you feel better by making you feel in control of your life.  

22- Friends are a blessing

When feeling low, give an old friend a call. Reconnect with old buddies and talk about good times spent together. Also, you could go out to meet your friends or chill with them indoors. Spending time with your favorite people makes you feel loved, understood and satisfied.

23- Be there for others

Visit an orphanage or an old home. Spend time with the people there and try to take some gifts along. Doing so will make you feel better and aware of the blessings in your own life.

24- Give charity

This is sure to make you feel light, relaxed and happy. Give whatever you can afford and don’t fret if you think it is not too much.  What’s little for you can mean a lot to someone else.

25- Head to the kitchen (Yes, you heard me right!)

Recent researches prove that cooking and washing the dishes are great stress busters. So get cookin’! Follow a good recipe and cook whatever you are craving for. Share what you cook with your family and let their compliments make you feel even better.

26- Adapt and reinforce positivity

Pessimism harms your mental and physical health. So stop self-criticism and negative self-talk to reduce stress. Optimism lead to positive thinking about the world and positive self-talk. It enables you to manage stress in a better way. When feeling down, it is a good idea to repeat positive affirmations regularly to yourself. Some examples are:

I am happy and healthy/ kind/ smart/ important/ getting better every day/ in control of my destiny/ can do this. (via The Help!)

Also, smile as much as you can. It makes you feel better instantly.

27- Practise gratitude

Count your blessings. Make a gratitude list of things that you feel grateful for. Gratitude contributes to mental and physical well-being and is known to increase energy levels.

28- Lie down on the grass

Go to a park if you have to. Sit outside and admire nature. Enjoy the sights and sounds of birds and other animals, the greenery, the sky. You could also walk barefoot on the grass to let your feet enjoy too. There are fewer things more relaxing than Mother Nature.

29- Give a loved one a gift

Think of something that a loved one could really use and give them that as a gift. Wrap it up in a creative way, this feels even better than receiving one!

30- Go on a drive

If you are not tired, go on a long drive preferably to a favorite place. Put the radio on and just enjoy the ride. Driving can make you feel better by taking your mind off the things that are causing you distress.

31- Above all, stop worrying

Remember, ‘This, too, shall pass.’ 🙂



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