Things That Make Khussas The Best Footwear-Part 2

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Ok so if you’ve read the first part of this article, you’ll be wondering by now why khussas are that big of a deal. Why we keep going on and on about their being better than other traditional footwear options out there. So without further ado, here are the rest of the reasons of why they are the best footwear.

6.The Fusion Factor

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To all those people who think khussas are old-fashioned and provincial, well have I got news for you! Thanks to the power of internet and social media, our once- humble footwear has undergone a drastic makeover. Gone are the days of typical tilla embroidery and a limited colour choice. Nowadays you can find all types of edgy and funky khussas. The truck art khussa, the kundan, sequined or beaded and khussas made from banarsi or silk cloth are all easily available in the markets. You can even find them in a fusion of a khussa and the western ballet pumps. Some also come with attached anklet straps. Hence you can be sure to find a pair to suit your style now.

BONUS: Considering how the truck art and kundan trends have taken over all accessories, you can even match your khussa to your jewelry or handbags.

7.National Heritage

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Khussa is indigenous to the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Many types and forms of khussas can be found in various regions of Pakistan, making it an integral part of our glorious national attire. They grant unparalleled grace to the wearer and look amazing with all traditional clothes like shalwar qameez, kurta pajama and qameez with chooridar pajama. Also, thousands of craftsmen earn their living from making khussas, so it also contributes to our national economy. Pakistani khussas have a huge demand in the foreign countries and are exported there. Hence it is a distinctive part of Pakistani culture and we owe it to our craftsmen to promote and support it as much as possible.

8.Masculine Appeal

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They are among the few footwear options that have a huge range of colors and designs for men. All of us are familiar with the heavily embroidered Saleem Shahi (the one with the curved  tip or nok )that grooms wear on their wedding day. But that’s not the only occasion on which guys can rock a pair. Men looking for a stream-lined look will find the plain leather one in natural colours like brown and black quite useful. The more fashion-forward guys can opt for plain leather version in funky colours (like burnt orange or maroon). This look can work for casual hangouts or for occasions that require light traditional attire like a family daawat and Eid. Keeping Ramzan in mind, khussas are also perfect for Iftar parties or roza kushaai.

9.The Shape Of You(r feet)

Have you ever worn shoes that will fit in either foot? Well khussas have the distinctive shape that enables them to be worn in either foot. This happens because khussas are supposed to be made from pure leather. So they have the unique characteristic that they adjust according to the shape of the foot they are being worn in.

A small word of advice, though: pure leather khussas do need some time to break into. A tip for loosening up tight khussas, or ones that need to be broken into, is to stuff a damp cloth or newspaper into them and leave them like that for a few days. This helps loosen up the khussa.

10. Androgynous khussas

Do you think androgynous footwear is a modern trend? Wrong. The trendsetters in this part of the world were wearing unisex khussas centuries ago. In fact the plain leather khussa has been the basic footwear of male and female farm laborers since a long time. This is partly because of the comfort that these shoes offer and partly because farm laborers didn’t earn all that much, so they bought shoes that were both durable and affordable.

11. Kiddie Cuteness

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Most khussa shops have khussas for kids. The best part is that the kids khussas are just as intricately embroidered as the grown-up ones. There is a huge range khussa designs and colours for kids as well. You can find khussas for kids as young as 6-8 months. So now there is no reason why your son/daughter/nephew/niece/young cousin can’t wear matching khussas or nagras.

Phew! That was One.Long.List. But our beautiful, funky, edgy khussas deserve all the recognition they can get. They are a part of the Pakistani culture and we should own our identity! In short, be Pakistani, buy Pakistani and wear Pakistani —  before Paul Smith steals our khussas too and re-launches it in the international market (with some ridiculous-sounding name like ‘Paul Smith Funky Chunks Man-Pumps’ or “Paul Smith Dave Patent Leather Tasseled Booties”)  *cringe*.


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