Things that happens only in Pakistan on Chaand Raat

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Chaand Raat

On 29th or 30th iftar (depending on the moon sight), Muslims celebrates Chaand Raat- The last night of Ramadan, the night before Eid.  And we all know that we enjoy Chaand Raat more than Eid, our Eid starts right there we get to know Chaand NazarAgaya Hai.

So here are some amazing things that are so relatable to you, if you’re born in a brown desi family.

The chaand hunting 

Everyone gathers on the terrace or grounds with binoculars to see the moon, or some wait impatiently in front of the televisions for Muftee Munib-ur-Rehman to bless our ears with his sweet voice; saying

Chaand nazar aagya hy. kal Eid hogi.               


Yelling on top of our lungs asking each other ‘Dikha kay Nahi’. And if it’s going to be eid eve, the excitement begins right there.


First of all, you will hear some fireworks and unwanted celebratory gunfire.

Chaand Raat Mubarak!

Now brace yourselves because if you do the mistake of keeping a device called Mobile Phone (which we all do) then it’s going to bombard with unstoppable text messages/Whatsapp notifications

and forced calls from some unwanted people and some annoying rishtydaars (of course not all).

The Mehandi war between girls!

Chaand Raat is incomplete without Mehandi. “Take time but make a unique design”, every other girl will be saying this. The wait will be like never ending but worth it. You find yourself sitting there yawning in mosquitos and waiting for your turn.

Boys getting their haircuts done at the very last moment!

Boys, if you do the mistake of not getting a haircut some days before eid then wait in the queue with your quilt because you my boy, going to stay there for a good time.

The never-ending safayi 

The sad part is the never-ending safayi part, all you do all night is safayi with ama because you will be having some rishty-daars at your place on Eid and you don’t want them to judge you.

The Ronaq

Whether they wanted to buy something or not, they end up doing Tawaaf of the mall.

Because Chaand Raatki ki ronaq bhi tou dekhni hai. 

All you can see are heads and heads!!!

So these were some of the perks of being desi and celebrating the festive of chaand Raat in Pakistan.

If we missed something, you share with us in the comment section.


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