Things You See On Your Facebook Timeline That Make You Go “Urgh”

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Facebook can be really annoying sometimes!

You’ve 9 to 5 hectic job, your social life is almost dead and you’ve almost no life. You work on the weekdays and can’t catch up with the other activities the entire week, even on weekends you have a long to-do list and you’re too lazy to go for outing, so you just decide to finish your pending To Do List of the week. It’s been almost ages since you went somewhere on vacations, no holidays, no gatherings, no fun.  And then on Monday morning at work when you log in to your facebook and scroll down to your feed to enjoy some memes, all you find is people doing fun things that make you go “Urggh” and make you ask questions to yourself like; How do they find time for these things? How does he get the visa? She found the love of her life and got married? Even she get engaged? Wow, they had a baby and I myself still a baby.


You see the guy you never even thought could ever get a girl is engaged now and updated the status as engaged. And here your phone blinked and all you get is  Network messages.

A friend of yours had a baby. And you yourself still love gummy bears, when you get scared at night you go to your mom’s room and sleep with her.

You have to go to the dentist but you can’t get an off and there your friends enjoying holidays traveling the world.

But the question is how to cope with it?

How to avoid the feeling of Urgh?

Simple, You can do it when you feel fine about your life. But how’s that gonna happen? Get your life together get hold onto it. Sleeping and waking up on time is the most important one then eat healthy food that will provide you with energy throughout the day and that will help you manage more tasks a day so you’ll have time for yourself on the weekends.

You’ll get time to go out and be social and meet new people.

About the traveling part, if you’re a travel freak then make a budget. From each salary save like 20% of it for traveling and one day you’ll be uploading those pictures too.

So, from now on MashaALLAH and scroll down!

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