This Beggar probably has more money than students in Pakistan

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We, students, are mostly broke here in Pakistan (by broke I mean financially broke). Because students can’t earn while studying. Although some can. And this Beggar here, probably has more money than many of us students. Even most of the people don’t have itney saarey paisey, whether they’re a student or not.

So yesterday my lazy ass was scrolling down to twitter feeds and happened to see this tweet and got shocked.

Like literally shocked.

Because I realized that this beggar actually has more money than most of us.

Here this was the tweet I was talking about.

 Don’t worry I’ve got a close up for you!

First, he (apparently a ‘he’ dressed up in ‘she’ clothes) sat in the bank to count the money. According to the guy, who tweeted, it was bank Alfalah.

Okay, let the counting begin!

He got some of 100’s and 50’s but mostly 10 & 20 notes and a bag full of coins.

(To be honest, I’m focusing more on his Mehandi than the money. I mean just check that out, coming all the way from his arm down to his wrist, how cool)

All set let all this submit now.

Way to go!

Okay so, first of all, we’re condemning the way someone took his pictures in public destroying his privacy.

But still, never support beggary.

We read that he lived in Rawalpindi and used to be a bodybuilder than a caterer and now he’s a beggar. This isn’t confirmed.

Here are some of the comments from Facebook.

Har doosra he isko jaanta hay *facepalm*

She’s right!

We should always be careful while giving money to people because we never know what they gonna use it for. Instead, donate to someone whom you know personally who’s in need and don’t ask for it.

Again yes, begging is a profession. They’ve their selective spots where you will always find them and some other begging party can’t take their place. They’ve proper deals and strategies.

This guy has a solid point!


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