This Eid be trendy: step away from your tweezer

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The trendy brows!


Want to look trendy this eid?  of course yes, then step away from your tweezers. Because thick eyebrows are so in these days. So grow your eyebrows to the fullest to gain the thick bushy texture and hop into the trendy world.  Cause these big bushy brows with natural arches are in 2018 top brow trend.

This thick brow trend is not ending anytime soon, so start growing your brows from today. Our eyebrows fully grow in 3-4 weeks so stop tweezing for about some weeks, so they can grow all bushy. Yes, we know that you’re thinking how weird you gonna look without plucking them but that’s the only way to achieve the trendy brows and they totally worth it.

In these, before and after pictures of famous Hollywood celebrities you will see how the entire look of your face can be changed just by your eyebrows.  All these actresses leaving the 90’s eyebrows behind and getting big brows.

source: Google

Look at this Diva, how changed her face looks after this eyebrow transformation.

Emma Watson 
source: Google

The cute Emma looks even cuter with her trendy eyebrows.

Selena Gomez


Source: Google


Just because her eyebrows she’s slaying even more.

Megan Fox 
Source: Google

Beautiful Magan, there’s no comparison so gorgeous so so gorgeous.

Jennifer Aniston     
Source: Google

The Friends beauty left her 90’s brow behind and following the trend of bushy eyebrows too.

Cameron Diaz 
Source: Google

A huge change we can see on Cameron Diaz’s face. Her eyes look incredibly beautiful with these new brows.

Cara Delevingne 
Source: Google

Cara is famous for her beautiful brows. They were already thick but she grew them even more with the trend.

Julia Roberts
Source: Google

Julia Roberts threw her tweezers too.

Emma Stone
Source: Google

The Lala land beauty got the arches <3

So, set yourself with this trend on this eid and slay!

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