This Engineer From Sheikhupura Finally Got A Job But It’s Not What He Expected To Do

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Why he didn’t expect to do this job after graduation?

We have been hearing jokes and seeing memes about engineers being jobless and engineering being such a profession in  Pakistan where you stay unemployed for a long time. But we never took them seriously as they were just jokes you know, right?

But yesterday this guy Muhammad Umer Altaf who belongs to Sheikhupura, posted something so shocking and heartbreaking on his facebook that people were shocked. Umer is an educated man, a qualified Engineer. He has done BSEE from University of Management and Technology with 3.44 CGPA. And MSEE from Northwestern Polytechnical University bearing 84%.

After all these years of education and passing with flying colors Umer got no job in his field. He posted some of his pictures while being on his new job with the caption:

Finally got a work.
1- No need of reference or experience.
2- Engineers of every field can apply.
3- Daily payment.
after 18 years of education (BSEE from UMT with 3.44 CGPA and MSEE from NPU with 84%) finally got a reward.
loading and unloading of bricks.

This is what he posted!

His post went viral and people started commenting their opinions. As always, most of them were supporting him and was feeling sorry for him while a bunch of them called it a ‘cheap publicity stunt”. And some other pages even posted about him saying, that Umer is “demoralizing engineers” and it was Umer’s propaganda.

On which Umer responded this.

According to him, he just wanted to convey his message to the government that there are sixty thousand engineers who have no jobs.

Sadly, it’s a real issue which has to be addressed as the poverty rate is increasing day by day in Pakistan. The government should offer a paid internship to the professional degree holders and establish academies for arranging free technical courses and ensure job guarantee.

What are your thoughts on this?

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