This little boy and his Bharams are breathtakingly adorable

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The “Oyee” boy is taking the internet by storm

Kids are adorable. And when they talk they look even cuter. Just like that, some days back a video of a little boy went viral over social media which I watched for millions of time. Not only his chubby cheeks are cuter his glasses and the way he takes was way too much to handle the cuteness.

Apparently, the kid was sitting in school while one of his teachers was insisting to take his bag with her. The way he reacted with anger and the things he just, will make you Oh My God!!

On top of all this, his body language and the way he is calling his teacher was just too much.

“Ye Mera Basta Hai”

“Wapis Kar Wapis Jaldi” 


“Doctor Banunga, Ilaaj Karunga” 

All these sentences by that little mouth is just adorable. Here is the video if you missed it.

Just after this, Ahmed’s video went viral. And everyone can’t help but only adoring him and his little anger.

And guess what he just came back with another video. In this recent one, he is arguing over the set of keys.

But it’ll be sad to know if the video was made without the consent of his parents. Plus, teasing a child for some laughs isn’t acceptable too. Teachers should help him being calm. This might make him angrier when he will grow up. Because manners count.

Otherwise, he is adorable and the cutest.

You can watch the full video here.

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