This National Song Medley By Christian Singers Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

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August, the month when Pakistan emerged on the map of the world as an independent nation. Many singers and musical groups choose to release national songs around 14th August. They compose original songs or rearrange classic ones to pay tribute to Pakistan. This year, a number of Christian Pakistanis got together to play homage to our motherland. Titled “Hum Sub Ka Pakistan”, this national song medley sung by Christian singers will make you feel nostalgic and patriotic and maybe even leave you a little teary-eyed.

The medley is produced by Gill’s Production. Akash Sonu has done the musical arrangement at Akash Studios and Rafi Studios. Qaiser Khalid has produced the shot, directed and edited the video. The featured singers include Mehboob Gill, RoseMary Mushtaq (from Pakistan Idol), Robin Ghoush, Anita Samuel, Arif Bazmi, Saman Haris, Qaisar Chohan, Sadaf Samuel, Javed Akhter, Haris Bazmi, Sana Yousaf, Arif Bhatti and Anjum Pervaiz.

However, this medley features three very famous national songs. It starts off with the Mehdi Hassan’s classic “Ye Watan Tumhara Hai”. Kaleem Usmani, an initial source for the lyrics and originally released in 1962.

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The next song that the singers cover is “Hum Zinda Qoum Hain”. It was originally made in 1973 but reproduced in the 1980s featuring Amjad Hussain, Tehseen Javed, Benjamin Sisters & Fatima Jafari.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s 1999 patriotic hit ” Mera Paigham Pakistan”  is the final song in the medley.

The video also features Quaid-e-Azam’s quotes regarding minorities in Pakistan.

Moreover, Pakistan’s religious minorities have faced violent attacks from terrorist groups. Yet they continue to love and support their homeland, which is surely worth appreciating. It also sets an example for people who are ever-ready to find fault with their country but never try to take any steps to change the situation.

It is heartening to see the devotion and effort that Pakistani Christian singers have put behind making this video. The makers of this video and the team behind Christians in Pakistan deserve kudos for bringing such talent to the forefront.

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Jasiah Fatima