This hilarious phrase “Bacho ka doodh pee gaye” by Irshad Bhatti is trending

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“Bacho ka doodh pee gaye” is circulating all over twitter, trending.

These words are trending on twitter after the hilarious comment of analyst Irshad Bhatti gone viral. The follow up tweets are something next level and you will not be able to hold your laugh. We Paskistanis have got the talent to make weird things trending.

Lets see what exactly people are tweeting about “Bacho ka doodh pee gaye”

NSC calls out a meeting Lolllll !!!

Bhatti Sahab with a overnight fame !

From 300 billion to Doodh Hahahaha…

Hahahhahaah a meeting on Doodh, seriously?

This is how we make people famous, just his one line is ruling twitter. He would have never imagined that these words are going to be viral on internet.

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