This Politician from Karachi taking election campaign to a next level

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From modeling beside main holes to posing in garbage, this politician from Karachi took election campaign to a next level.

Ayaz Memon Motiwala a candidate from Karachi opt for the unique type of election campaign to actually show the real problems of citizens of Karachi. He laid down in sewerage water and pictured inside open main holes of Karachi, his unique style is breaking internet and people are actually relating to these problems.

The man has presence on all social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

Ayaz Memon Motiwala feels the emotions and sentiments of Karachiites..

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Leaving all the luxuries aside and sat in sewerage water as a gesture of protest against local government.

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This is not the first and only time, Ayaz has been highlighting each and every problem of Karachi.
Sitting inside main hole he delivered his message to people.
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In order to draw attention of the youth towards the issues of city he held his campaign beside garbage. Not even only restricting himself to garbage he even organized weird kind of fashion show.

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Source Facebook

He is taking all over social media with his exclusive campaign.

To highlight how debilitating excessive garbage can make life, he had a bhangra in the middle of garbage piles.

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