This viral video of New Islamabad airport is proving we don’t deserve anything good

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This incident at new Islamabad airport shows, how unorganized people we are!

The inauguration of new Islamabad airport took place few days back. And the architecture, technology and infrastructure of the airport made headlines all over the news. The name has been changed from Benazir Bhutto airport to New Islamabad International airport.

Let’s have look on the beauty of new airport.

new islamabad airport

The traditional mural masterpiece of truck art at the airport.

new islamabad airport

But wait after this ill act by passengers at the airport proves we don’t deserve good things. We lack responsibility and organized behavior as a nation.

The passengers at the airport surpassed security checking belt and was searching for luggage. This shows how unorganized and impatient we people are, majority of people were disappointed on social media to see such chaos on the airport.

It is heart-wrenching to see locals behaving in such way with the public property. What do you think on this incident? let us know in comments.

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Paras Waswani