Thousands of Insects Swarms in the Holy Mosque of Makkah

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Makkah clears Black Cricket swarms at the Holy Mosque

An unbelievable video came in spotlight of Makkah in which millions of rare insects swarms into the Holy Mosque. The video shook everyone as it was frightening to even imagine that. Authority took the action and cleaners cleaned out the insects from the mosque.

The videos went all over the internet and within few hours it went viral. As it was an unprecedented incident in the Holy Mosque of Makkah. Millions of people gathers every year from around the world for pilgrimage in the same place. So, it was shocking to digest how this sacred place gets affected with such kind of incidents. It could be clearly seen in the video how these insects flies over the heads of the cleaners.

Many people assumed by the video that insects are cockroaches. Later, it was confirmed that these were black crickets and not cockroaches.

Many of the people in Muslim world, and perhaps all over the world still figuring out what could be the cause of it. Holly Kabah is considered as the most sacred place for the Muslims, it is also acknowledge as the House of Allah. However, many came on social media to express their feelings.

The pictures are also posted on twitter of the insects

What are your views on this unprecedented incident took place in Makkah?
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