“Thugs of Hindustan” trailer is out and people are predicting what?

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Thugs of Hindustan trailer is out and people are anticipating a lot of stuff. The movie cast features Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachan, Katrina Kaif and Dangal girl Fatima Sana Sheikh.

The movie is based on the era of the British Empire ruling Hindustan. The big ships and East India Company establishment is all they started with.

The trailer shows the cruelty of the British and how they started making all the Hindustanis their slaves. Some of them were against and they were followed by Amitabh Bachan who’s named as Khuda Baksh. Khuda Baksh is shown as the man with a lot of opposition powers against the British and some super amazing fighting stunts will be seen in the trailer.

However, British finds someone super strong and a thug to fight against the Khuda Baksh army. The thug-like Khuda Baksh similarly founded in Firangi (Amir Khan) and he opts for a counter. Therefore the basic plot of the story is to show a struggle between Freedom and Dominance.

The idea of having Amir Khan in a movie is all that made people wonder about the Movie. Amir Khan is known as a pro when it comes to the selection of movies. All the AMIR FANS stay tuned to this wonder now.

However, the deep involvement of Amir Khan is seen through his transformation efforts


Sources: Masala/website

In addition to his projects like Lagaan, Taare Zameen Pe, 3 Idiots and many more. This man is always the smartest and now the  Thugs of Hindustan. We don’t want to anticipate anything disappointing.

Amitabh Bachan is seen as Khuda Baksh who is costumed as a Pirate and must say the makeover is fantastic
Sources: Duniya news/website

The only thing that is easily observant is the strong cast and the same old story of freedom and India survival. Amitabh is himself a great artist and he must have found the work unique.

The movie consists of a lot of visual effects. However, the graphics are not very impressive and they seem pretty fake and its quite concerning in this type of movie, which is depending on all the visual effects.

Besides the thugs and violence, the glamour of Katrina Kaif is not seen much.

Katrina Kaif is featured as Surraiya in Thugs of Hindustan. She doesn’t get a chance to say a word in the trailer but everyone is drooling over her looks.

Source: India/website

The audience is comparing the movie with Pirates of the Caribbean and the Hollywood effects. The tweeter is flooded with the reactions. Wish the trailer had created much more good comments rather than comparisons.



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  1. looks so boring because it copies Hollywood
    this kind of action has been done so much before
    it’s too easy to create these action scenes when you have money to hire guys from Hollywood
    money does not buy a good story,
    this trailer is too much action, not heart, no soul, no story , no love, no romance, not suspense
    just mindless action, looks nice but boring after a while