Tik Tok Brother Duo interview with Naya Din on Samaa News

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Tik Tok Overnight Fame

Tik Tok Brothers Duo Amir Shiekh and Arif Shiekh appeared on Samaa news channel, show titled “Naya Din” as guests. The Duo has gone viral these past few days due to their funny skits and acting in the videos.

They were asked how they cope with the hate comment they receive from people to which they responded: “We try to make people laugh, we ignore the hate comments.”


Younger Brother Amir Shiekh began creating videos, later on, persuasion from him led his brother to take part in the activities too. They are in the field of making gold ornaments, most of the videos they make are created from the workshop they work in.

The Duo claimed the newfound fame come with both perks and disadvantages as they are asked by strangers for selfies which turned into some uncomfortable encounter.

What is Tik Tok ?

It is a platform on which people upload videos with different background songs. The videos are generally sketches, short comedies and rehearsal of a song. The App was previously called Musical.ly. The main reason for its success is catchy songs which are used by the users.

The name of this app is Tik Tok hence the name musers. Musers have followers ranging from 20 to 20 million. Previously it was called Tik Tok.

Let us know if you have ever been involved in making any muse yourself.

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