Tim Draper venture capitalist invests in InventHub a Pakistani Startup

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Tim Draper Invests in Pakistani Startup

Tim Draper an American venture capitalist and the co-founder of the firm “Draper Fisher Jurvetson” has invested in Pakistani hardware design startup, Inventhub which operates as an open source hardware platform for electronic enthusiast and developers alike. It works just like GitHub except its for hardware design tools.

Tim Draper invented the “Viral marketing” phenomenon which boosts the growth of Yahoo and Hotmail hence set as a standard marketing technique.

Tim draper-inventhub
CEO and founder of InventHub

Usama Abid CEO of InventHub

Usama Abid, the brain behind the idea of InventHub. He is the Co-founder and CEO of the company. He pitched his idea through the Draper University program. Usama Abid has learned the entrepreneurship skills from his mentor Umar Saif. He has secured an undisclosed amount of seed investment from Tim Draper.


The Draper University of Heroes first launched by Tim Draper Draper in 2013, works with companies, accelerators, investors, governments, non-profits and other organizations to raise and support more heroes globally.

Previous Investments

Draper Fisher Jurvetson prior investments include companies such as Hotmail (MSFT), Skype (EBAY), Baidu (BIDIJ), Overture.com (YIIOO), and many others. As a matter of fact, Draper has invested in another Pakistani firm, AgricAgroventures (Pvt) Ltd prior to investing in Inventhub. Not only does the investment in agribusiness have tremendous commercial potential, but it also directly impacts the livelihoods of farmers across the Indus Basin.


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