Times When Donald Trump Made America Believe He’s NOT Fit For Presidency

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He encourages violence

Everyone across the political spectrum should condemn political violence. When Donald Trump talks about how he’d like to punch a protester in the face and publicly, on more than one occasion, has talked about paying the bail of people who assault liberal activists at his rallies, he’s in effect giving a thumb’s up to violent behavior.


He has openly said he’ll force American troops to break the law

When you have a man who publicly says during a debate that he’s going to force American troops to obey his illegal orders to murder civilian women and children, it should disqualify him from the presidency. That’s a dictator’s mentality.


He’s far too vindictive to be trusted with the powers of the presidency

The President of the United States has the FBI, CIA, IRS and the military at his disposal. The American people need to have a certain level of faith that those agencies will remain neutral instead of being used to settle personal scores.

He can’t control what he says

An American President cannot afford to be so impulsive. A President needs to be measured, calculative and willing to compromise. These words do not exist in Trump’s vocabulary.


He can’t be trusted with nuclear weapons

Donald Trump is very casual in his attitude about the use of nuclear weapons. He’s a vindictive and insulting person with poor judgement. Neither does he do apologies nor see using nuclear weapons as a big deal. Consequently, it’s a recipe for a potential nuclear war.

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Amna Kazi