Tired Of Dry & Thick Skin Of Your Feet? Let’s Remove It At Home In The Easiest Ways

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Healthy feet, happy feet!

Let’s think for a second, what if we lose our feet? It’s horrible to even think right? How much we use them in a day. They take us to places, they move us. Make us feel the warm sand and cool waves at the bank of the sea. They make us feel the earth in every way. They’re indeed important.

And after all this, don’t you think our feet deserve the best pampering in return? plus everyone loves beautiful and clean ones and everyone would want one.

However, sometimes we are so caught up in our daily busy routine that we find almost no time to take care of them. And even we hardly get time to visit any spa.

In such a situation make a spa at home to relax and pamper your feet without spending a single penny.

How to do that?

Step 1

Simple, go get a tub and place it in front of any chair/sofa you have. Now, go to your kitchen and get a pot filled with tap water. Place that tap water filled pot on a stove, let the water boil. After boiling the water, add some tap water in it and normalize it. Plus add a little Epsom salt to it. Which will help with the swelling and will relax the feet.

Step 2

Now, soak your feet in the warm water for about 10 minutes to make the skin softer and the removal easier.

Step 3

Use a Pumice stone and rub the thickened dry skin. Don’t rub too hard because it can result in tissue damage.

Step 4

Now step out of the water and wait for about 3 to 4 minutes and then apply an oil based moisturizer. Oil base help locking the moisture better than water-based lotions. And make sure to avoid using the moisturizer between your toes as it can cause fungal infection.

Step 5

Now apply some petroleum jelly on hard areas of your feet. Petroleum jelly will help them to get soft.

Step 6

Now get a clean pair of socks and wear them overnight. And in the morning wash your feet with warm water. And you’re ready to move.

So when are you starting?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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