Top 10 Richest Footballers Of Recent Era

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Richest Footballers Of Recent Era

Football is indeed a game of making money. Player’s like Ronaldinho, Neymar, Beckham and Messi have made millions of dollars in this game. Players also make money in this game by endorsement, they have done contract with brands, major companies, and so many other. but interesting things is that some footballers have their own brands like Massi, Cristiano Ronaldo and become richest football players in the world.
So, today we checkout the top 10 richest footballer’s in the game today.

10) Frank Lampard
Top 10 richest footballers today
Net worth: $87 Million

the former England’s legend footballer Frank James Lampard plays for the Chelsea as a midfielder player from 2008 and earn worth of 39.2 million this make him highly paid. He generate a huge amount of money from endorsements like Pepsi, Adidas His 2013 earnings is round about 15.7 million dollar due to sponsorship of the other companies and he has a great fan followers all around the world. Lampard’s captaincy leads Chelsea to a famous victory in the champions league in 2012 and the next year UEFA champions league.

9) Samuel Eto’o
top 10 richest footballers today
Net worth: $75 Million

Samuel Eto’o is the only African footballers who is in the list of the most richest footballers. He packed the FIFA world player of the year award in 2005. In 2009 he starts playing and massive contract for the Barcelona and Internazionale Club in those years his income increase rapidly and become one of the richest football players in the world due to highest paid. He owns maybech, xenatech, Bugatti Veyron,etc. and is considered as the most decorated African player regarding money.

top 10 most richest footballers today

Net Worth: $93 Million

Raul is one of the most skilled and talented professional Spanish footballer in history. This Football star has a net worth of $93 million while has been playing as a striker with Real Madrid for 16 years. Currently he plays for the New York Cosmos with the net worth of 93 million US dollar he is very creative, hardworking, player and well discipline player throughout the career. In 2001 win the Balloon d’Or and same year ranked FIFA World player of the year he is also richest footballers player in the world.

Top 10 richest footballers today
Net Worth: $105 Million

Ricardo lzecson dos Santos Leite well known as KAKA is a very popular Footballers from Brazil. He plays for the Brazilian national team and AC Milan in Italy. As a Madrid star back in his prime, KAKA has been regarded as amongst the best mid-fielder nowadays. His annually salary is $10 million and earns $5 million from endorsements Adidas, Wise up, Hyundai as well.

6) Wayne Rooney
Top 10 richest footballers todayNet worth: $112 Million

The captain of two teams Manchester United and the England national team has annually salary of round about 16 million with bonuses also wins awards for the best performances. This English striker joined the Everton whilst he was just 18 and produced some amazing headlines about highest paid footballers in the premier league at an very early age. He owns vehicles like Lamborghini, Ls, Ranger rover, and so forth and owns luxurious properties in his hometown.

5) Ronaldinho
top 1 richest footballers today
Net worth: $115 Million

Ronaldinho gaucho well known as Ronaldinho is a Brazilian football legend. He was considered as the word footballer of the year in 2004 and 2006 plus the Ballon d’or (2005). He also earn lot of money with the contract of Pepsi and Nike companies that’s why he spend a luxury life his hoses are in Spain & Brazil which are beautiful and well decorated. Probably the most respected footballer ever played Ronaldinho is known as the finest player on the soccer pitch.

4) ZIatan Ibrahimovic
top 10 richest footballers today
Net worth: $116 Million

Swedish international and the most entertaining player in the web. He plays for the saint-Germain team in the French league. Having signed for PSG in 2012 the net worth of Ibrahimovic stands at $ 116 Million. Zlatan Ibrahimović’s one year contract at Manchester United expired in the summer. However, he still trains at the club’s Carrington headquarters and is expected to re-sign with united when he returns from injury. Regardless, he has a lucrative Nike contract and even patented his own name in Sweden.

3) Neymar Jr.
top 10 richest footballers today

Net worth: $148 Million

Neymar is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Barcelona, During 2011, 2012 he declared as a South American footballer of the year also wins the Balloon d’Or. Neymar secured the biggest football transfer of all time when he left FC Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain this month. His earning from endorsements about $25 million and make him more fertile football player in the world he denote 105 of income to church.

2) Lionel Messi
top 10 richest footballers today

Net worth: $295 Million

Argentine footballer Messi plays for Barcelona. Barcelona’s leading goal scorer is the brand ambassador of Adidas amongst an entire host associated with worldwide manufacturers. He runs Leo Messi foundation it provides the health care and education for the children and fulfills other basic needs. says Lionel Messi earns half a million every week (£26 million a year / $33.4 million) from his latest contract renewal with Barcelona. The Argentine forward also makes £21 million ($27 million) a year from sponsorship agreements with Adidas, Pepsi, Gillette, and Turkish Airlines.

1) Cristiano Ronaldo
top 10 richest footballers today

Net worth: $321.5 Million

the richest footballer in the world today, Cristiano Ronaldo comes from Portugal plus plays for Real Madrid. In 2009 when he moved to Real Madrid from Manchester his total worth was $94 million. He also makes money by fashion boutiques first with the name of “CR7” and second include diamond studded belts, slinky outfit for women, and jeans with leather pockets. Cristiano Ronaldo is paid £19 million ($24.4 million) a year, according to According to Forbes, Ronaldo is “a human billboard for a global portfolio of sponsors” like Nike, Tag Heuer, and Armani. He also has his own CR7 brand which sells aftershave and clothes.

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