The Top 5 Freelancing Websites For Earning From Home

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Top 5 Freelancing Websites

Many people prefer working from home due to various personal commitments. One way of doing so is by opting for freelance work. There are top 5 freelancing websites that will help you to earn money by letting you get yourself hired for home-based jobs. These can be done in the comfort of your home and at flexible schedules.

We at Daily Punch have put together a list of the most helpful websites for you:


Freelancer is the world’s largest Freelancing website. That enables you to work from home in your suitable work hours. It is the easiest way to find your desired job and is very reliable. It is also highly convenient for both the employer and employee.

This gives access to a number of areas for people to hire as well as for job seekers. The areas for the job available include writing, translation, marketing, sales, designing and much more.


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99design is another Freelancing website that provides home-based work along with contract-based jobs to individuals who know how to design. If you have skills in graphic designing and can design book covers, logos, web based images etc., you can earn a suitable income through this website.


Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs or FWJ is one of the most freelancing prominent websites. It gives freelancers the opportunity to learn and discuss different issues. It provides a platform to write as a freelancer or as a guest writer for the website. Through this website, you can also work as a blogger or editor, or both. Apart from freelance work, another service they offer is that they help you to establish your own website.


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iFreelance is an ideal platform for individuals who are seeking to work as a freelancer. From proofreading to data entry jobs, you can find any job that you are looking for. It is the best way to utilize your skills according to your skills and timings.



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Fiverr is another Freelancing website which provides home-based jobs to people who are interested. They offer numerous services, along with providing jobs in different categories. There is a slight difference in the format of finding jobs, though. Here at Fiverr, you yourself display your skills and sell them to people who are looking to hire for their projects. It can be designing, writing, voice overs. online teaching, and much more.



If you intend to work in the comfort of your home, then these websites will surely enable to you do so and to make decent money as a result too from these top 5 freelancing websites

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