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“Music is the universal language of the men kind ” holds particularly true when it comes to the music of top leading Pakistani musical bands.The music and notes played by these bands aim to cater  to people from all spheres of life and all ages.

1. Junoon:

One of the top leading band of Pakistan that has gained lot of fame internationally. The band was founded by Salman Ahmed in 1990.  Junoon has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Junoon was titled “U2” by New York Times. . The band consist of Salman Ahmed, Ali Azmat, Brian O’ Connell and John Alec. An emerging talent Ali Azmat is one of the leading person of the band who has gained the prominence internationally. Junoon has spawned several single hits like sayonee, Meri Awaz Suno, Sajna, Yaar Bina, Garaj Baras, Taara Jala and many more.

Junoon Band Ali Azmat
Source: Google
2. Strings:

Strings one of the finest band of Pakistan. This band has always inspired people with their astonishing performance. The band include Faisal Kapadia, Bilal Maqsood,Adeel Ali,Shakir Khan,Aahad Nayani,Haider Ali.Their first single back “Duur” was a huge hit and brought strings in the limelight. They play strings on your soul and give the music you want. Strings also performed in coke studio. They have many famous single tracks including Dhaani, kahani Mohabbat ki, zinda hoon. However, strings released many tracks with the collaboration of Bollywood.


Source: google
3. Aaroh:

Leading band Aaroh is famous for alterantive rock music. The band include Farooq Ahmed, Khalid khan and Jason Anthony. Aaroh released many albums and gained huge success including sawaal and many single tracks that went popular such as Na Kaho, Rang Neela and played for Bollywood film Rakht however, Farooq Ahmed the voice of Aaroh became the part of Pepsi Battle of the bands.

Aaroh Pakistan Today
Source: Google/Pakistan Today
4. Noori:

It is the rock band from Lahore Pakistan. The band started with Ali Noor along with his brother Ali Hamza and Kami Paul. Their first album Suno ke main Hun jawan was major hit. The single tracks like manwa rey, do dil, sari raat Jaga, Jo Meray were on the top of the list however, Noori appeared in coke studio with major comeback accompanying many lead artists.

Noori band
Source: Google/TheNews
5. Jal:

The  band aims to celebrate the music and the concept of artistic unity by orchestrating lyrics and music that is priceless and timeless .The Pop rock band was originated from Lahore Pakistan. The current members include Gohar Mumtaz, Amir Azhar and Saad Sultan. Their single tracks has gained lot of popularity including sajni, Parinda, Pal, ooncha and many more.

Jal the band
Source: google/fanpop

The revival of Musical Bands  in Pakistan  is providing an opportunity to  talented people to grow and to make Pakistan proud in the world .



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