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Not much into fashion? Can’t decide what trendy colors should you wear in such torrid summer? then Hakuna Matata!

Cause I have some cool, softer and more feminine colors for you that are not only trendy but will also keep you calm with elegantly breathtaking looks. These colors will definitely make you feel fresh and confident. No matter who you are or what your style is, you’ll surely gonna look fabulous & trendy in these summer colors.

Okay, I guess I’ve convinced you enough. So, let’s just start!

1.Mustard field yellow

The bright & audacious mustard yellow will give you this fresh feeling that you’ll feel like a flying meadowlark yourself. It will make you feel so light and cool and yet a trendsetter. It’s simply such an attractive and radiant color that can’t just go unnoticed. I guess because of that, many designers have used it in their latest collections.


2. Nile green

Something about green just make sense of summers, it’s freshness represents a revival. Nile green is so soothing  and calming in summers. It’s a natural & fresh, supreme and super trendy. It’s relatively like a pastel because it’s green with low saturation. I haven’t worn this color in my life but I’m definitely gonna add this color to my closet.


White is the purest color of all, it’s like it has been made particularly for summers. It actually feels cool & calm ( and it’s my personal favorite too). It gives you the kind of a sophisticated look. The decency of this color speaks for itself. You can wear this color whether you’re going for a job interview or even for a casual lunch.White color is relaxing and comfortable, choice fitting right for 2018 trendy colors of summers. It’s perfect & irresistible!

Modası Dekolteli Kazaklar

4. Lavender Love 

Again from the group of pastels. It’s one of the standouts of summer 2018 trends. This cool-toned purple is ideal for summers as it’s vibrant yet soothing and elegant. So many designers chose it for their collections recently. It looks soft, more feminine and even more ethereal with the combination of white. You should definitely give it a try.

5. Pink lavender 

This lavender pink is subtle & a very calming shade. It has been all over the runways, from Versace to Nicopanda. Wear pink lavender and enhance your feminine confidence. It’s the excellent and comfortable choice for the summer wardrobe.

Good luck choosing!

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