Transgender Assaulted And Beaten Up; Humanity Not Found!

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Why do our Awaam think transgenders as nothing?

Why we can’t see that they are human too? they feel pain too? they have a heart and sentiments too? just like us, they are human too. Why is it so difficult in our society to think about them in this way?

People say they dance, they sing they don’t earn in a respectable way that’s why nobody respects them. How can people judge the way they earn when no one gives them the right to live in a respectable manner?

When they are born in someone’s house, the family face the worst time with taunts and fake sympathies. They have to leave their homes and live with people like themselves. There is no proper education system for them, no awareness for them. What should they do? Where should they go to fulfill their basic needs?

Our society can’t even give them moral respect, how will they give them education or respectable jobs?

Like when they’re around your kids, you sacred your kids to stay away from them or they will abduct you and stuff like that. We see transgenders as they are ghosts,  and not humans.

Well, we see a lot going around us to these poor people every other day. The same happened in this recent video, in which the transgender is dancing in some wedding ceremony when a man throws a blanket on transgenders head picking her up and started spinning her around while other men around him started beating the wrapped transgender with punches and slaps and at the end, the one holding her threw her on the floor.

Here is the video.

This is the cruelest thing I’ve come across to see on the internet today. How come a human does this to another human especially to someone in compulsion. Who likes to dance in front of these cruel man? No one. How unsafe they must feel when they have to go dancing just to fulfill their basic needs.

We should and we have to stand for their rights. They should have an education. They should have jobs so they can live in a respectable way and away from such cruelty and such inhuman people.

Being disrespectful to them is one thing but this? This is brutal and pure violence, everyone must condemn this inhumane act by these cruel people.

Pakistan makes history as transgender right bill is passed by the Assembly.

Also, watch Muneeba Mazari’s show on transgenders and see what they have to face all their lives.

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