A Transgender, Trystan Reese Is Pregnant Now For 8 Months

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Trystan Reese, a transgender men from Portland, Oregon shares the story with the world as he alongside his partner Biff Chaplow are expecting a baby next month. Trystan has been carrying a child in his womb since 8 months as he recently decided to go vocal.

The recent revolution for the homosexual right has increased the number of  parents from the same gender. This usually happens through an adoption following their will and desire to raise a child.

Although, the desire to built a perfect family will now see dads getting pregnant too around the world. Despite the fact that such an act seems to be weird for the majority, the couple is extremely joyous.

In a video posted on Facebook by Resse claimed that “I’m OK with my body being a trans body. I’m OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby. I don’t feel like it makes me any less of a man. I just happen to be a man who is able to carry a baby”


Not The First Pregnant Transgender

Reese, 34, and Chaplow, 31, who adopted Chaplow’s niece and nephew in 2011, knew many transgender men who had been able to have babies in “a healthy and responsible way.” They wanted their pregnancy to be no different. They met a best possible medical team to carry out the procedure quiet safely.

Source : Google
Source : Google

Reese had to stop taking testosterone months before, to recycle his body functioning in order to get pregnant. After five months, Reese finally found out he was pregnant. “I was overjoyed and elated,” he said. “A lightness came over me.”

Trystan also said, that this might be something new the viewers around to witness, but in our community, we actually know quite a few transgender men like me with the ability to carry a child. He says that he has seen enough successful births to go for one himself. Just like a women craves for specific meals during her pregnancy, Reese also can’t let go the fries from Mc’Donalds.

The couple believes that a new kid is a sole reason to boost happiness and joy in their lives. However, the adopted siblings in the house are not happy about sharing their dads, but are really excited to finally act as a big brother and a sister.

“The hand of liberality is stronger than the arm of power”

Such a story might find it difficult to roam around due to different cultures in existence. Keep in mind that this is also not a platform to criticize the couple against their personal decisions.

Daily punch would like to let its viewers know that no matter what, we would not entertain any sort of extremist thinking, be it any story as we prefer to be recalled as a platform which provides an individual an opportunity to promote their liberal thoughts.

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