These are some trending foods of Karachi that you must try

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Trending foods of Karachi that you must try !

Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. 


Every city has different attributes and that city is famous for it. Lahore is very much known for its spicy and grilled food, Quetta for its sajji and Peshawar for karahi. Karachi is the hub of people coming from different cities due to which it has a taste of various cultures and flavors. 

No matter how much you love burgers, pizzas and pastas but at the end of the day you must be craving for some desi or else a fusion of desi and fast food. These are some tempting foods in Karachi, if you haven’t tried them yet than rush to these points in the city! 

  1. Naan Sahab.

    15419653_1280780275311409_5403733364508390393_oIf you are looking for something tempting? something very scrumptious? Then, Naan Sahab is the place where you can find tempting naans stuffed with Qeema, Cheese and even Nutella.

  2. Bites 4 Delight 

    Talk of the town, Pizza fries. It is not only social media hype but these Pizza fries are must try, loaded with cheese and sauce, if you haven’t, then you must try these delicious pizza fries.

  3. Peshawar Chapli Kabab House

    Peshawari chapli kabab house has the same traditional taste of Namak mandi, Peshawar. Chapli Kabab has a dominant Pashtun taste with full of ingredients borrowed from the city and traditional taste. These Kababs are the must try because there nothing enticing than food. 


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