“Trimmer Lao”: Waqar Zaka Finally Gets A Hair Cut!

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From “Burma” to “Syria” and “Living on The Edge” to “Desi Kuriyan”, Waqar Zaka is Pakistan’s famous reality TV host and social media figure. He has recently gone through a major change following the funny controversy titled ‘Trimmer Lao’.

Trimmer Lao, Daily Punch Blog

Trimmer Lao Went Real!

Waqar Zaka often stays been in the local news. Recently his “Trimmer Lao” controversy went viral all over internet. It seems like Mr. Zaka took this quite seriously and can you imagine what he ended up doing?

Trimmer Lao, Daily Punch Blog

He finally got a haircut! From the beginning of  his show-biz career, he has been known for his iconic long hair, but finally it has come to an end.

Let’s See Waqar Zaka’s Haircut !

Trimmer Lao, Daily Punch Blog

He recently got a hair cut and changed his long-haired look. Everyone knows about this because he had this haircut live on Facebook, where thousand of his followers appreciated his idea and at the same moment, a few criticized him.

Nevertheless, we should give him some credit. He surely knows how to create news on the social media!

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Paras Waswani