Truck Artist Paints For Female Literacy Campaign

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Empowering Women with Art

Pakistani truck artist paints the message. The message to literate female in Pakistan. However, the campaign is a great initiative by Samar Minallah.

Samar Minallah is an anthropologist and filmmaker from Pakistan. Known for her initiative for social changes in Pakistan. Though she used many mediums to communicate, in order to literate women in Pakistan and she worked a lot.

In the light of her education, she is MPhil in Anthropology and development from the University of Cambridge. The main concern of her work is on the sensitive side of culture development.

Moreover, she worked against compensation marriages. One of her documentaries is ‘Swara- the bridge over troubled waters’. The documentary won many national and international awards. While breaking silence against violence against girl child and women.

In addition to cultural violence against women. She made attention to many issues. Those issues that were ignorant. And changed mindsets of various people.

According to her :

“I have a strong belief that it’s extremely important to engage men to shift the culture. I believe that this is one of the most important answers to culturally-sanctioned forms of violence against women.”

She recruited truck artists and owner to paint the messages for the campaign

In order to involve men to bring changes. She recruited truck artists to paint the message. Though the message clearly portraits the message of female literacy. Recruited them under the Asian Development Program Legal Literacy for women.

One of the recruits is Hayat Khan the truck artist. He painted trucks to highlight women empowerment. The 35-year-old Khan says that he finds satisfaction in this work. Though it was not easy for him to paint.

“It took a long time to convince a few drivers initially, but with the passage of time, I am happy to say, drivers from far-flung areas such as Kohistan and Multan also ask me to paint such portraits on their trucks,”

Samar finds out real-life stories to narrates. Although she has many life threats and harassment. She says she will continue her work in order to bring change in our society.
Now finally instead of having vulgar and cheap Shayari. Something worth reading for will be seen.

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