Trump Disorder : Hundreds Of People Are Suffering From PTSD, Are You One Of Them?

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Everyday waking up from your bed and scrolling your Facebook feed, you always find something catchy. And there are blogs and videos which directly grabs your attention. So this might be the one of them, for which you might be waiting for to read.

The recent US polls were the hot issue around the world, there are people who follow US more than their homelands. Furthermore the appointment of Donald Trump gave shock to people not only in USA but all over the globe. His partial campaign and slogans were alarming for immigrants which developed the wave of threat among the immigrants. In accordance to his steps of making America great again and the colony of only whites, most people went mentally upset. The policies and amendments which Trump mentioned in his speeches during his Presidential movements were clearly showing his aggressiveness for immigrants.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

PTSD, post traumatic ‘trump disorder’ after American elections reshaped as post Trump stress disorder. It is a disorder which normally occurs when a person face some traumatic event such as war or any disaster. The victim of this disorder experience flashbacks, nightmares and dire memories relating to that drastic event.

After President-elect Trump took over, almost half of the Americans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. From the issue of Muslim immigrants, evacuation of illegal immigrants and many other issues including the eviction of Obamacare bill, left the sense of insecurity and distress in Americans. While the situation was also unstable in those countries which are close allies of America. The major issue is the development of insecurity among the people and their relatives living in USA.

This situation didn’t remain only in USA but spread all over the world and specially Middle east and Mexico. Although this stress is incomparable to that of America has done in Afghanistan, Iraq or other countries engaged in anarchy. Even the recent visit of Trump to the Saudi Arabia and the duplicitous statements by him in Riyadh was something bewilder for the world. The next stop after Arabia was Israel and even this move was elaborating the planned hoax of his team.

Not even for a minute media paused the coverage of whole event and feeding every person with anxiety. And various reports wrote about this including PsychologyToday . If you are experiencing and having same symptoms, than for sure you are suffering Post Trump Stress Disorder.  But, Don’t worry relax it won’t last forever you just need to focus on other things other than trump.

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Paras Waswani