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Beat Me is just the right way to counter the law which was recently proposed regarding the  ‘lightly beating’ scenario by the Council of Islamic Ideology (Pakistan), where the men proposed that men can beat their wives ‘lightly’ if they defy them. This was obviously countered with a lot of criticism because in a place like Pakistan where it is easy to suppress women already and knowing the prevailing conditions of women rights in the country #BeatMe is a rather interesting way women have challenged men to beat them.

In the video, an all-female ensemble cast invites viewers to ‘beat me’ but not in the way you’d think. The featured women challenge the viewers to beat them at their individual talents. Featuring popular Vocalist Meesha Shafi, performing artist Sarwat Gillani, Pakistan’s first lady to conquer seven most astounding peaks (including Everest) Samina Baig, quickest lady in the South Asia games Naseem Hameed and other striking identities like giving a voice to the women who spend their days in agricultural fields and young girls who should feel empowered are found in the video.

#BeatMe reminds viewers that women aren’t made to let out your frustrations, they are so much more capable individuals equipped to make remarkable accomplishments. In a general public where women are frequently seen as the weaker link, this video gives them back their roles in life. The last line in the video is delivered by a pregnant woman which I believe is the most powerful line ever:  “BEAT ME AT LIFE”.

UN has been working for women rights in Pakistan since a long time now. There is a dire need to stand up against patriarchal ideologies in Pakistani society. “The #BEATME campaign is a universal message to people across the country that violence is not only physical. It can be sexual AND psychological and is unacceptable – this is not normal, and it cannot continue. This video is in the light of their recent campaign for ending violence against women and creating awareness that violation of a woman is violation of her human rights.

Join the worldwide 16 Days of Activism campaigning against Gender Based Violence this 25 November till 10 December. #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee



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