Turkish Airlines Offering On-Arrival Visa To Pakistanis For Free

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey is offering a complimentary 7-day transit visa to Pakistani passengers. The offer is valid for passengers, who will be travelling via Turkish Airlines from Pakistan to the United States, UK, Ireland and schengen countries.

To be more specific, Turkish Airlines, a carrier that has its presence in more countries across the world than any other airline, is offering a “stopover” service to the citizens of Pakistan who travels to US, UK, Ireland and Schengen Counties and have more than 20 hours of connecting time.

Moreover, the new service will enable the passengers to stop at Istanbul with the accommodation cheque prepared by staff of Turkish Airlines after completing the flight booking process of the passengers. For those who are wondering, the cheque will enable passengers who choose economy class to stay 1 night at a four-star hotel. A business class passengers can stay 2 nights at a 5-star hotel. These hotels are located in  Sultanahmet and Takism, which is generally described as central points of Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines To Increase Tourism

The move indicates that the Turkey is gearing up to further increase tourism in the country. In any case, all those who always wanted to visit Turkey, but never got a chance, now is the time. Turkish Airlines offers a great opportunity to passengers to discover Istanbul and experience the beauty of the city during their connecting flight.

This is a great opportunity for those frequent travelers to roam around Turkey without going through any specific visa obtaining procedures.


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