Twitch launched a new “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” category in response to sponsors who have reportedly brought up matters with streams on the platform highlighting broadcasters in hot tubs. The new category will confidently make it more comfortable for brands to “either opt-in or out of this category based on whether it adjusts with their target audiences,” according to a new blog post, while also securing streamers can still publish work they are proud of. The site notices the confusion surrounding hot tub streams, a thriving subset of streams on Twitch that consist of people streaming while in a hot tub or mini pool, in the blog post.

On Twitch, categories help spectators browse streams and find what they want to see. If you wanted to see a DJ broadcast live, for instance, you could choose the Music category and look at what is there. Moving hot tub streams into their category “offers more ways to control the content that is recommended as well as where the ads surface,” said Twitch. In other words, it allows viewers browsing the Just Chatting section to sidestep hot tub streams, and lets advertisers bypass having their ads appear on those streams.

Previously this week, Twitch took ads off the channel of a major streamer well-known for hot tub streams, Amouranth. The decision, which Amouranth stated was an indefinite suspension of advertising, meant she could no longer get ad revenue from any of her streams despite whether they were hot tub streams. In a Twitter taped on Tuesday, she asked attention to the need for Twitch to explain the matter.

“Viewers can better avoid recommendations for content that they do not wanna see, and those wishing to view this content will have an easier time getting it,” the blog post states. “The brands can each opt-in or out of this category.”

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