Twitter started bashing SRK as his cousin is contesting election 2018 from Peshawar

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SRK is under heat after the announcement of his cousin sister to contest election 2018


SRK has always remain quiet on such controversial matters and this time too. He has always chosen middle path to avoid any kind of heated debate, but it is hard to stay away from such issues.

The twitter started in violent way when the news of SRK cousin Noor jehan contesting election 2018 from Peshawar, appeared on news. This turned in to a new twitter troll series, exploiting Bollywood superstar. Some even demanded him to migrate to India and participate in the election 2018.

Here are the number of tweets filled with harsh words and abuses towards Bollywood star for the crime he never committed.

Watan k jawans are out to question his love for his land.

A wrong use of freedom of speech.

Hardcore SRK fans are defending their superstar in every possible way.

What do you think on such reaction by Indians ? Let us know in comments.

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