Uber driver from Karachi snatched mobiles from a girl and kicked her out of the car

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An Uber driver from Karachi snatched two mobile phones from a passenger girl

A girl named Iqra was traveling from garden east to Gulshan-e-Iqbal in an Uber when this incident happened. They were riding when the Uber driver named “Ashiq” took both of her phones, iPhone X and iPhone 6+ and kicked her out of the car.

Here’s what she posted on her Facebook post on 4 June

Help…….Anyone can connect me to the authorities of Uber,
Uber driver snatched my both phones(iPhone X and iPhone 6+) and kicked me out of the car.

kaarchi, main expo center at 11:15 PM

Apparently Uber didn’t do much about it and its alarming!!

Here she updated her status regarding the issue.

Update about Uber Incident:
So I am having thousands of messages to ask about the update and progress of the Uber Incident where the driver took my phones away and ran. I really appreciate your concerns and well wishes and will do my level best to bring the culprit to justice. However, I am facing some huge hurdles in the process.
Police are doing their level best to take the investigation further and trace the culprit. What amazed me was a response from Uber regarding this whole issue. They indirectly said that they won’t be able to help me find anything unless I have an official FIR launched which would be a problem for me as I have to return to Lahore on Monday.
Uber officials in my circle are trying to help me a lot but it is the customer service and top management of Uber which showed how serious they are with service commitments. I didn’t even get a single apology or empathy letter from them that they are sorry and will investigate this further. Their service desk is stuck on a standard response of launching FIR then they will cooperate. Is this what a multinational suppose to work like? Is this how they commit to the safety of their customers? I am now having serious concerns recommending Uber to someone especially any woman.
Uber : I am still waiting for you guys… Let’s be professional and at least give me an update about what you did to prevent this incident from happening again.

She also shared the driver’s details along with pictures



This shows how unsafe these services are. These cases are increasing day by day. Not a long time ago, the news appeared of a girl who jumped from a moving car to save herself from the uber captain.

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