United King: Rat Spotted In The Showcase Of A Popular Bakery Of Karachi

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Are you a regular customer of United King? Beware!

United King is one of the oldest and well-known bakeries in Karachi. The brand is popular for their quality and a wide range of products. United king has been running for the past 3 decades and the brand is even known internationally. But the recent sighting of a little rat in their showcase outraged dozens of food lovers. The brand charges almost double just for their claim of quality however it just looks like a false claim.

Recently, a video was posted on social websites, clearly showing the little rat running all over the food items. It is a big question mark for the United King. Are their claims of hygiene and high quality just marketing tools instead of their main priority? If this is the condition of the ‘outer case’, we have no idea what food atrocities are going on inside their kitchen!

Here’s the video that was uploaded on the social media:


It is more than a shock for the food lovers to experience such a scenario and the reactions are exceptional: 

united king

Some even demanded for strict action against the brand.

The incident struck straight into the feels of the customers, leading them to invent food related swear words! (WTF is BhenChowmen, anyway?!)

united king

We hope the food authorities will execute strict action against the brand and at the same time we expect United king not to fool their loyal customers. Nevertheless, quality should be their main priority as they claim. Our team even tried to contact their representatives but no one bothered to give their statement on the incident. 

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